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Rumour Has It That It Was Sarkodie Who Called Criss Waddle To Order

Rumour Has It That It Was Sarkodie Who Called Criss Waddle To Order

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The past few days has seen lots of baseless rants from Criss Waddle all because he felt Shatta Wale asked one of his boys called Kush Taylor to make a video and diss him and raise  allegations against him.
Just yesterday, April 15, Criss Waddle released another video and in that video, he was asking people to stop instigating anything, because he wanted peace. In as much as, he didn’t want to apologize for anything in the video or admit that he messed up, anyone who watches the video and compares it to the very first one he did, which he has deleted on Facebook, would clearly see that Criss Waddle was confused and regrets taking it out on Shatta Wale without making sure his facts were accurate.
Most people are surprised Criss Waddle made the new video and have been asking what could have gotten him to indirectly admit that he messed up.
Wel, Sources have hinted to that, after that very first video, lots of industry friends called up Criss Waddle and made him aware that, he was wrong and all that he said was not necessary because honestly Shatta Wale wasn’t aware one of his boys made a video to diss him (Criss Waddle)
Our source revealed to us that, Africa’s Rap God who happens to be a good friend of Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale, was one of the key people who spoke to Criss Waddle, which made him realize he f*cked up.
We’ve not been able to confirm that yet but we are confident our source is being truthful considering  the kind of influence Sarkodie has in the music industry. 
What do you also think? Could it be Sarkodie who resolved everything?