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Meet The 5 Most Arrogant And Rude Nigerian Celebrities, {With Photos} Number 2 is So Annoying.

Meet The 5 Most Arrogant And Rude Nigerian 

Celebrities, {With Photos} Number 2 is So 


You all know yesterday that the 5 most humble celebrities was revealed and we have the likes ofTuface, Don Jazzy, Genevieve Nnaji, Olamide andFunke Akindele on the list as most humble ones…Well, here is my own 5 most arrogant and rude Nigerian celebrities…
1. Rukky Sanda
*Sigh* You still remember her tight leggings thatwas showing her crotch abi, well RukayatAkinsanyapopularly known as Rukky Sanda isvery rude and arrogant, nobody can take heraway from this list with those curses on her fans who criticizes nollywood films. Why would a celebcall herfans“F*ck dumb ass”? Has she forgotten that it is we the fans that puts money into her account… So Razz!

2. Wizkid
Wizkid is needed on this list, I love Wizkid somuch but it is a yeyebrity that would call a fan*Broke nigga*. You can see the pride all overWizkid, he’s got the money, the house, the fame,the cars and the Tania Omotayo too; what do youexpect? Pride, pride, pride…
3. Empress Njamah
Like seriously this aunty deserves to be on this
list, have you forgotten she was the first actress
that used expensive Brazillian hair in Nigeria, she
has over 200 bottles of perfumes which one of the
perfumes cost N300,000 and she has over 200
pairs of shoes… Huh! What is that? Is that
humility or pride? Pls Empress Njamah rest kk…
4. Eldee Tha Don
Eldee is a very talented musician/producer but
when it comes to show off; he is no1, he likes to
show off.. Why would a celebrity be announcing
on twitter that he’s using BB porche when it first
came out. Less I forget, he’s very saucy and I’m
sure some of his followers would know that, I see
no reason why you would be exchanging insulting
words with fans.. That’s a no no!
5. Tonto Dikeh
Poko queen is very rude, as in rude… She doesn’t
have a friend in nollywood, she doesn’t relate
with her colleagues, isn’t that pride? Tonto Dikeh
must have a bad behaviour for her not have.