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Stonebwoy says Jamaicans don’t believe he’s a Ghanaian cos of his Patois, Shatta fans reacts

Stonebwoy says Jamaicans don’t believe he’s a Ghanaian cos of his Patois, Shatta fans reacts

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Stonebwoy claims most Jamaicans don’t believe he’s a Ghanaian because of his dexterity in the Patois language.
He told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, whenever he travels to the Caribbean nation, some citizens are amazed at his ability to fluently speak the dialect widely spoken in the nation.
They don’t believe I am outright Ghanaian. I am an African and we know the root culture and vibes, a Jamaican is a Jamaican but then they say I speak Patois than some of them…” stated the ‘Mama‘ act.
But how possible is it that Jamaicans will say Stonebwoy speaks Patois than them. 😂😂😂 
Shatta Wale fans see his comments as mere bragging whiles his fans were also cheering him up. Saying he indeed the true ‘hero’.
Some comments read:

Enoch Quarshie: Stonebwoy….U be hypocrite…u mocked wale tho with his mouth….u even said Charles is not a name given to beings
Armani Junior : Shatter wale dey give some people’s pressure oo haha everyday shatter wale why can’t u stop putting his name when u are doing interview why
Austin McDonald Sharp Brain : As it stands now shattered wele has no hitz songs in 2018 so he has diverted in to movies hahahahahahahaha force them to play nonsense
Kamaru Dini Barry : So does it mean God didn’t created Shatta’s mouth? This y with fake life …. wale replied ur mockery of him to his mouth not all people with disabilities
Emmanuel Arthur : Hahahaha.. Ghanaians claim Bhim is better dan SM.. Buh almost an hour and viewers keep reducing… Lol..
Manuel Nana Quophi Wills : But you same stonebowy insulted shatta wale that he has a big mouth first. Why are you been a hypocrite
Abena Narkita : Bhim to the world… He is a real gentle man… Keep on doing your thing my dear don’t watch anyone. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbwoy
Phorggy Wahney ZM ·: Enock Oliver Bruce pls no disrespect leave his mom outta this ,how you gone feel if some bro say that about ya mom.
A Gas Sulemana : Bhimmm Bhimmm to the world I love u waaa but please tell the Bhimmm nation president that he should not reply any dis love u alll
Angela Afi Sweetness : Hes a disability and he believes in you greatly… He wants to be a musician too… God bless you dear
X Noi Ray : This is one of the best Artist Interview on this show. Well done Andy. Soar higher Stone God. BHIM to the world.
Desmond Venus : I remember the day shatta wale come to stone bwoy program at Ashiaman and promise that he will not fight with stone bwoy again but see what he his doing to stonebwoy now but Boy still going higher than him
Itsurtwinny Awurabena Yeboah : Bhim to the world. Your word’s have inspired me since she in 2013 to 2016. I love Bhim and God bless u
Eunice Yeboah : Bhim is for educated people not kubolors sia
DreamLine Aaron Jay : No need to insult

Stonebwoy is one of the artiste that will represent Ghana at this Year’s Ghana Meets Naija concert