Premier League 2018/19 FIXTURES full LIST

Premier League 2018/19 FIXTURES 

Premier league 2018/19

 Defending champions Manchester City will kick off their campaign away at Arsenal, the Premier League confirmed as it released its fixtures for the 2018-19 season.
The visit of Pep Guardiola's side to the Emirates Stadium for Unai Emery's managerial debut is the undoubted highlight of the opening weekend of the campaign, where newly-promoted Fulham are also handed a tricky assignment in the form of a London derby against Crystal Palace on day one. 
Though all fixtures remain subject to the whims of TV schedulers Tottenham, as expected, have been handed three away matches to start their campaign in the hope that their new 62,000-seat stadium will be ready in time for their first home game.
It is yet to be decided who will be the manager of Chelsea come the opening day of the 2018-2019 season, but we do know that whoever the manager is, they will take charge of the Blues away at Huddersfield. 
Last season’s runners up Manchester United will start their quest for silverware at Old Trafford against Leicester whilst Liverpool will welcome West Ham to Anfield.
Other fixtures worth looking out for are the first heavyweight clashes of the new season. The first north London derby of the season between Arsenal and Spurs will be played on December 1 at Arsenal, while the first Manchester derby will take place at the Etihad on November 10. 
The full confirmed list of every single Premier League fixture for next season can be found below:

Match day 1
11/08/2018Bournemouth v Cardiff15:00
11/08/2018Arsenal v Man City15:00
11/08/2018Fulham v Crystal Palace15:00
11/08/2018Huddersfield v Chelsea15:00
11/08/2018Liverpool v West Ham15:00
11/08/2018Man United v Leicester15:00
11/08/2018Newcastle v Tottenham15:00
11/08/2018Southampton v Burnley15:00
11/08/2018Watford v Brighton15:00
11/08/2018Wolves v Everton15:00
Match day 2
18/08/2018Brighton v Man United15:00
18/08/2018Burnley v Watford15:00
18/08/2018Cardiff v Newcastle15:00
18/08/2018Chelsea v Arsenal15:00
18/08/2018Crystal Palace v Liverpool15:00
18/08/2018Everton v Southampton15:00
18/08/2018Leicester v Wolves15:00
18/08/2018Man City v Huddersfield15:00
18/08/2018Tottenham v Fulham15:00
18/08/2018West Ham v Bournemouth15:00
Match day 3
25/08/2018Bournemouth v Everton15:00
25/08/2018Arsenal v West Ham15:00
25/08/2018Fulham v Burnley15:00
25/08/2018Huddersfield v Cardiff15:00
25/08/2018Liverpool v Brighton15:00
25/08/2018Man United v Tottenham15:00
25/08/2018Newcastle v Chelsea15:00
25/08/2018Southampton v Leicester15:00
25/08/2018Watford v Crystal Palace15:00
25/08/2018Wolves v Man City15:00
Match day 4
01/09/2018Brighton v Fulham15:00
01/09/2018Burnley v Man United15:00
01/09/2018Cardiff v Arsenal15:00
01/09/2018Chelsea v Bournemouth15:00
01/09/2018Crystal Palace v Southampton15:00
01/09/2018Everton v Huddersfield15:00
01/09/2018Leicester v Liverpool15:00
01/09/2018Man City v Newcastle15:00
01/09/2018Watford v Tottenham15:00
01/09/2018West Ham v Wolves15:00
Match day 5
15/09/2018Bournemouth v Leicester15:00
15/09/2018Chelsea v Cardiff15:00
15/09/2018Everton v West Ham15:00
15/09/2018Huddersfield v Crystal Palace15:00
15/09/2018Man City v Fulham15:00
15/09/2018Newcastle v Arsenal15:00
15/09/2018Southampton v Brighton15:00
15/09/2018Tottenham v Liverpool15:00
15/09/2018Watford v Man United15:00
15/09/2018Wolves v Burnley15:00
Match day 6
22/09/2018Arsenal v Everton15:00
22/09/2018Brighton v Tottenham15:00
22/09/2018Burnley v Bournemouth15:00
22/09/2018Cardiff v Man City15:00
22/09/2018Crystal Palace v Newcastle15:00
22/09/2018Fulham v Watford15:00
22/09/2018Leicester v Huddersfield15:00
22/09/2018Liverpool v Southampton15:00
22/09/2018Man United v Wolves15:00
22/09/2018West Ham v Chelsea15:00
Match day 7
29/09/2018Bournemouth v Crystal Palace15:00
29/09/2018Arsenal v Watford15:00
29/09/2018Cardiff v Burnley15:00
29/09/2018Chelsea v Liverpool15:00
29/09/2018Everton v Fulham15:00
29/09/2018Huddersfield v Tottenham15:00
29/09/2018Man City v Brighton15:00
29/09/2018Newcastle v Leicester15:00
29/09/2018West Ham v Man United15:00
29/09/2018Wolves v Southampton15:00
Match day 8
06/10/2018Brighton v West Ham15:00
06/10/2018Burnley v Huddersfield15:00
06/10/2018Crystal Palace v Wolves15:00
06/10/2018Fulham v Arsenal15:00
06/10/2018Leicester v Everton15:00
06/10/2018Liverpool v Man City15:00
06/10/2018Man United v Newcastle15:00
06/10/2018Southampton v Chelsea15:00
06/10/2018Tottenham v Cardiff15:00
06/10/2018Watford v Bournemouth15:00
Match day 9
20/10/2018Bournemouth v Southampton15:00
20/10/2018Arsenal v Leicester15:00
20/10/2018Cardiff v Fulham15:00
20/10/2018Chelsea v Man United15:00
20/10/2018Everton v Crystal Palace15:00
20/10/2018Huddersfield v Liverpool15:00
20/10/2018Man City v Burnley15:00
20/10/2018Newcastle v Brighton15:00
20/10/2018West Ham v Tottenham15:00
20/10/2018Wolves v Watford15:00
Match day 10
27/10/2018Brighton v Wolves15:00
27/10/2018Burnley v Chelsea15:00
27/10/2018Crystal Palace v Arsenal15:00
27/10/2018Fulham v Bournemouth15:00
27/10/2018Leicester v West Ham15:00
27/10/2018Liverpool v Cardiff15:00
27/10/2018Man United v Everton15:00
27/10/2018Southampton v Newcastle15:00
27/10/2018Tottenham v Man City15:00
27/10/2018Watford v Huddersfield15:00
Match day 11
03/11/2018Bournemouth v Man United15:00
03/11/2018Arsenal v Liverpool15:00
03/11/2018Cardiff v Leicester15:00
03/11/2018Chelsea v Crystal Palace15:00
03/11/2018Everton v Brighton15:00
03/11/2018Huddersfield v Fulham15:00
03/11/2018Man City v Southampton15:00
03/11/2018Newcastle v Watford15:00
03/11/2018West Ham v Burnley15:00
03/11/2018Wolves v Tottenham15:00
Match day 12
10/11/2018Arsenal v Wolves15:00
10/11/2018Cardiff v Brighton15:00
10/11/2018Chelsea v Everton15:00
10/11/2018Crystal Palace v Tottenham15:00
10/11/2018Huddersfield v West Ham15:00
10/11/2018Leicester v Burnley15:00
10/11/2018Liverpool v Fulham15:00
10/11/2018Man City v Man United15:00
10/11/2018Newcastle v Bournemouth15:00
10/11/2018Southampton v Watford15:00
Match day 13
24/11/2018Bournemouth v Arsenal15:00
24/11/2018Brighton v Leicester15:00
24/11/2018Burnley v Newcastle15:00
24/11/2018Everton v Cardiff15:00
24/11/2018Fulham v Southampton15:00
24/11/2018Man United v Crystal Palace15:00
24/11/2018Tottenham v Chelsea15:00
24/11/2018Watford v Liverpool15:00
24/11/2018West Ham v Man City15:00
24/11/2018Wolves v Huddersfield15:00
Match day 14
01/12/2018Arsenal v Tottenham15:00
01/12/2018Cardiff v Wolves15:00
01/12/2018Chelsea v Fulham15:00
01/12/2018Crystal Palace v Burnley15:00
01/12/2018Huddersfield v Brighton15:00
01/12/2018Leicester v Watford15:00
01/12/2018Liverpool v Everton15:00
01/12/2018Man City v Bournemouth15:00
01/12/2018Newcastle v West Ham15:00
01/12/2018Southampton v Man United15:00
Match day 15
04/12/2018Bournemouth v Huddersfield19:45
04/12/2018Brighton v Crystal Palace19:45
04/12/2018Burnley v Liverpool19:45
04/12/2018Fulham v Leicester19:45
04/12/2018Man United v Arsenal20:00
04/12/2018Watford v Man City19:45
04/12/2018West Ham v Cardiff19:45
04/12/2018Wolves v Chelsea19:45
05/12/2018Everton v Newcastle19:45
05/12/2018Tottenham v Southampton20:00
Match day 16
08/12/2018Bournemouth v Liverpool15:00
08/12/2018Arsenal v Huddersfield15:00
08/12/2018Burnley v Brighton15:00
08/12/2018Cardiff v Southampton15:00
08/12/2018Chelsea v Man City15:00
08/12/2018Everton v Watford15:00
08/12/2018Leicester v Tottenham15:00
08/12/2018Man United v Fulham15:00
08/12/2018Newcastle v Wolves15:00
08/12/2018West Ham v Crystal Palace15:00
Match day 17
15/12/2018Brighton v Chelsea15:00
15/12/2018Crystal Palace v Leicester15:00
15/12/2018Fulham v West Ham15:00
15/12/2018Huddersfield v Newcastle15:00
15/12/2018Liverpool v Man United15:00
15/12/2018Man City v Everton15:00
15/12/2018Southampton v Arsenal15:00
15/12/2018Tottenham v Burnley15:00
15/12/2018Watford v Cardiff15:00
15/12/2018Wolves v Bournemouth15:00
Match day 18
22/12/2018Bournemouth v Brighton15:00
22/12/2018Arsenal v Burnley15:00
22/12/2018Cardiff v Man United15:00
22/12/2018Chelsea v Leicester15:00
22/12/2018Everton v Tottenham15:00
22/12/2018Huddersfield v Southampton15:00
22/12/2018Man City v Crystal Palace15:00
22/12/2018Newcastle v Fulham15:00
22/12/2018West Ham v Watford15:00
22/12/2018Wolves v Liverpool15:00
Match day 19
26/12/2018Brighton v Arsenal15:00
26/12/2018Burnley v Everton15:00
26/12/2018Crystal Palace v Cardiff15:00
26/12/2018Fulham v Wolves15:00
26/12/2018Leicester v Man City15:00
26/12/2018Liverpool v Newcastle15:00
26/12/2018Man United v Huddersfield15:00
26/12/2018Southampton v West Ham15:00
26/12/2018Tottenham v Bournemouth15:00
26/12/2018Watford v Chelsea15:00
Match day 20
29/12/2018Brighton v Everton15:00
29/12/2018Burnley v West Ham15:00
29/12/2018Crystal Palace v Chelsea15:00
29/12/2018Fulham v Huddersfield15:00
29/12/2018Leicester v Cardiff15:00
29/12/2018Liverpool v Arsenal15:00
29/12/2018Man United v Bournemouth15:00
29/12/2018Southampton v Man City15:00
29/12/2018Tottenham v Wolves15:00
29/12/2018Watford v Newcastle15:00
Match day 21
01/01/2019Bournemouth v Watford15:00
01/01/2019Arsenal v Fulham15:00
01/01/2019Cardiff v Tottenham15:00
01/01/2019Chelsea v Southampton15:00
01/01/2019Everton v Leicester15:00
01/01/2019Huddersfield v Burnley15:00
01/01/2019Man City v Liverpool15:00
01/01/2019Newcastle v Man United15:00
01/01/2019West Ham v Brighton15:00
01/01/2019Wolves v Crystal Palace15:00
Match day 22
12/01/2019Brighton v Liverpool15:00
12/01/2019Burnley v Fulham15:00
12/01/2019Cardiff v Huddersfield15:00
12/01/2019Chelsea v Newcastle15:00
12/01/2019Crystal Palace v Watford15:00
12/01/2019Everton v Bournemouth15:00
12/01/2019Leicester v Southampton15:00
12/01/2019Man City v Wolves15:00
12/01/2019Tottenham v Man United15:00
12/01/2019West Ham v Arsenal15:00
Match day 23
19/01/2019Bournemouth v West Ham15:00
19/01/2019Arsenal v Chelsea15:00
19/01/2019Fulham v Tottenham15:00
19/01/2019Huddersfield v Man City15:00
19/01/2019Liverpool v Crystal Palace15:00
19/01/2019Man United v Brighton15:00
19/01/2019Newcastle v Cardiff15:00
19/01/2019Southampton v Everton15:00
19/01/2019Watford v Burnley15:00
19/01/2019Wolves v Leicester15:00
Match day 24
29/01/2019Bournemouth v Chelsea19:45
29/01/2019Arsenal v Cardiff19:45
29/01/2019Fulham v Brighton19:45
29/01/2019Huddersfield v Everton19:45
29/01/2019Man United v Burnley20:00
29/01/2019Wolves v West Ham19:45
30/01/2019Liverpool v Leicester20:00
30/01/2019Newcastle v Man City19:45
30/01/2019Southampton v Crystal Palace19:45
30/01/2019Tottenham v Watford20:00
Match day 25
02/02/2019Brighton v Watford15:00
02/02/2019Burnley v Southampton15:00
02/02/2019Cardiff v Bournemouth15:00
02/02/2019Chelsea v Huddersfield15:00
02/02/2019Crystal Palace v Fulham15:00
02/02/2019Everton v Wolves15:00
02/02/2019Leicester v Man United15:00
02/02/2019Man City v Arsenal15:00
02/02/2019Tottenham v Newcastle15:00
02/02/2019West Ham v Liverpool15:00
Match day 26
09/02/2019Brighton v Burnley15:00
09/02/2019Crystal Palace v West Ham15:00
09/02/2019Fulham v Man United15:00
09/02/2019Huddersfield v Arsenal15:00
09/02/2019Liverpool v Bournemouth15:00
09/02/2019Man City v Chelsea15:00
09/02/2019Southampton v Cardiff15:00
09/02/2019Tottenham v Leicester15:00
09/02/2019Watford v Everton15:00
09/02/2019Wolves v Newcastle15:00
Match day 27
23/02/2019Bournemouth v Wolves15:00
23/02/2019Arsenal v Southampton15:00
23/02/2019Burnley v Tottenham15:00
23/02/2019Cardiff v Watford15:00
23/02/2019Chelsea v Brighton15:00
23/02/2019Everton v Man City15:00
23/02/2019Leicester v Crystal Palace15:00
23/02/2019Man United v Liverpool15:00
23/02/2019Newcastle v Huddersfield15:00
23/02/2019West Ham v Fulham15:00
Match day 28
26/02/2019Arsenal v Bournemouth19:45
26/02/2019Cardiff v Everton19:45
26/02/2019Crystal Palace v Man United20:00
26/02/2019Huddersfield v Wolves19:45
26/02/2019Leicester v Brighton19:45
27/02/2019Chelsea v Tottenham19:45
27/02/2019Liverpool v Watford20:00
27/02/2019Man City v West Ham20:00
27/02/2019Newcastle v Burnley19:45
27/02/2019Southampton v Fulham19:45
Match day 29
02/03/2019Bournemouth v Man City15:00
02/03/2019Brighton v Huddersfield15:00
02/03/2019Burnley v Crystal Palace15:00
02/03/2019Everton v Liverpool15:00
02/03/2019Fulham v Chelsea15:00
02/03/2019Man United v Southampton15:00
02/03/2019Tottenham v Arsenal15:00
02/03/2019Watford v Leicester15:00
02/03/2019West Ham v Newcastle15:00
02/03/2019Wolves v Cardiff15:00
Match day 30
09/03/2019Arsenal v Man United15:00
09/03/2019Cardiff v West Ham15:00
09/03/2019Chelsea v Wolves15:00
09/03/2019Crystal Palace v Brighton15:00
09/03/2019Huddersfield v Bournemouth15:00
09/03/2019Leicester v Fulham15:00
09/03/2019Liverpool v Burnley15:00
09/03/2019Man City v Watford15:00
09/03/2019Newcastle v Everton15:00
09/03/2019Southampton v Tottenham15:00
Match day 31
16/03/2019Bournemouth v Newcastle15:00
16/03/2019Brighton v Cardiff15:00
16/03/2019Burnley v Leicester15:00
16/03/2019Everton v Chelsea15:00
16/03/2019Fulham v Liverpool15:00
16/03/2019Man United v Man City15:00
16/03/2019Tottenham v Crystal Palace15:00
16/03/2019Watford v Southampton15:00
16/03/2019West Ham v Huddersfield15:00
16/03/2019Wolves v Arsenal15:00
Match day 32
30/03/2019Arsenal v Newcastle15:00
30/03/2019Brighton v Southampton15:00
30/03/2019Burnley v Wolves15:00
30/03/2019Cardiff v Chelsea15:00
30/03/2019Crystal Palace v Huddersfield15:00
30/03/2019Fulham v Man City15:00
30/03/2019Leicester v Bournemouth15:00
30/03/2019Liverpool v Tottenham15:00
30/03/2019Man United v Watford15:00
30/03/2019West Ham v Everton15:00
Match day 33
06/04/2019Bournemouth v Burnley15:00
06/04/2019Chelsea v West Ham15:00
06/04/2019Everton v Arsenal15:00
06/04/2019Huddersfield v Leicester15:00
06/04/2019Man City v Cardiff15:00
06/04/2019Newcastle v Crystal Palace15:00
06/04/2019Southampton v Liverpool15:00
06/04/2019Tottenham v Brighton15:00
06/04/2019Watford v Fulham15:00
06/04/2019Wolves v Man United15:00
Match day 34
13/04/2019Brighton v Bournemouth15:00
13/04/2019Burnley v Cardiff15:00
13/04/2019Crystal Palace v Man City15:00
13/04/2019Fulham v Everton15:00
13/04/2019Leicester v Newcastle15:00
13/04/2019Liverpool v Chelsea15:00
13/04/2019Man United v West Ham15:00
13/04/2019Southampton v Wolves15:00
13/04/2019Tottenham v Huddersfield15:00
13/04/2019Watford v Arsenal15:00
Match day 35
20/04/2019Bournemouth v Fulham15:00
20/04/2019Arsenal v Crystal Palace15:00
20/04/2019Cardiff v Liverpool15:00
20/04/2019Chelsea v Burnley15:00
20/04/2019Everton v Man United15:00
20/04/2019Huddersfield v Watford15:00
20/04/2019Man City v Tottenham15:00
20/04/2019Newcastle v Southampton15:00
20/04/2019West Ham v Leicester15:00
20/04/2019Wolves v Brighton15:00
Match day 36
27/04/2019Brighton v Newcastle15:00
27/04/2019Burnley v Man City15:00
27/04/2019Crystal Palace v Everton15:00
27/04/2019Fulham v Cardiff15:00
27/04/2019Leicester v Arsenal15:00
27/04/2019Liverpool v Huddersfield15:00
27/04/2019Man United v Chelsea15:00
27/04/2019Southampton v Bournemouth15:00
27/04/2019Tottenham v West Ham15:00
27/04/2019Watford v Wolves15:00
Match day 37
04/05/2019Bournemouth v Tottenham15:00
04/05/2019Arsenal v Brighton15:00
04/05/2019Cardiff v Crystal Palace15:00
04/05/2019Chelsea v Watford15:00
04/05/2019Everton v Burnley15:00
04/05/2019Huddersfield v Man United15:00
04/05/2019Man City v Leicester15:00
04/05/2019Newcastle v Liverpool15:00
04/05/2019West Ham v Southampton15:00
04/05/2019Wolves v Fulham15:00
Match day 38
12/05/2019Brighton v Man City15:00
12/05/2019Burnley v Arsenal15:00
12/05/2019Crystal Palace v Bournemouth15:00
12/05/2019Fulham v Newcastle15:00
12/05/2019Leicester v Chelsea15:00
12/05/2019Liverpool v Wolves15:00
12/05/2019Man United v Cardiff15:00
12/05/2019Southampton v Huddersfield15:00
12/05/2019Tottenham v Everton15:00
12/05/2019Watford v West Ham15:00
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