5 reasons why the modern Ghanaian musician is not talented

5 reasons why the modern Ghanaian musician is not talented 

5 reasons why the modern Ghanaian musician is not talented

Ghana music has come very far, especially in the last two decades, with some artistes in the country managing to break boundaries across Africa and the world. 

Think of multiple Ghanaian artistes being nominated for the BET Awards, AFRIMMA, MOBO and other top international awards. However, that is just one side (the good side actually). But on the other hand, there are many local artistes who have failed to move with the trend. 

In this age and time, every musician needs to be reinvented and must do things the modern way if he or she is to survive in the industry. Below are 5 reasons why the modern Ghanaian musician is not using his talent enough: 

1. Poor lyrics Never doubt the phrase “music is food to the soul”. This is because music moves people, it connects with them and strikes an emotional chord within many. Therefore, there is the need to have good lyrics. The few Ghanaian musicians who usually compose good songs have it all in their lyrics. However, some simply have lagged behind because, song upon song, their lyrics are simply poor. You may have the talent to sing, but without good lyrics, your songs will just be average and will not have that connection with fans.

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 2. Same beats & rhythm How often do you hear a Ghanaian song and go like, “ah is this a remix of that song I already know?”. The fact is that most local musicians are simply one-way with their craft. You are likely to see them use the same beats and rhythms for numerous songs, making them too predictable. This is mostly common with upcoming artistes who bring out hit songs. Instead of kicking on from there, they rather end up repeating the beats of that hit song in their subsequent works. That, definitely is not the way to maximize your talent. 

3. Not dynamic Another reason why the modern Ghanaian musician is not using his or her talent enough is the fact that they are simply not dynamic enough. The music industry is growing and, as such, musicians need to grow too. What used to work perfectly in the 1990s and early 2000s many not work today due to modernity and other various factors. Therefore, there is the need for musicians to be dynamic and embrace change. Without being dynamic, you are sure to fall and lag behind. READ ALSO: Reverend Obofour gifts over 15 cars to Prophet Badu Kobi, Efiewura's Auntie Bee & others 

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4. Bad music videos Sometimes it’s not just about the quality of song that makes it appealing, the quality of the video also helps in selling it to the fans. In other countries, the making of music videos are taken very seriously, with huge budgets being allocated for that. However, the situation is the exact opposite in Ghana, where you are very likely to see bad music videos with bad concepts for the various songs. 

5. Bad way of dressing One other thing that Ghanaian musicians need to know is that music is all about branding. And to do that, your way of dressing is very important in this regard. Outfits, depending on which occasion, could turn out to be fashionable or trashy. A bad dressing gives a musician a bad name and vice versa. Ghanaian musicians need to create that brand and stick to it. If artiste A is known as one who dresses in a particular way, he or she is surely bound to increase his fan base who buy into it. Ghana News 2018: John Mahama’s Salary - Why Everyone Discusses It Now? 



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