New release: Kwesi Arthur My Guy video

New release: Kwesi Arthur My Guy video

This song was released three weeks ago and currently has over 134,000 views on YouTube. He was nominated for a BET award after he released a song titled Woara that still trends until today. After he released the song, people have grown to love him even more. The hit song maker released My Guy, a free style that really shows his hip-hop talent.

 Kwesi Arthur Toast Up is the other name of this song and it is also associated with Ground Tv. The song features a group of his friends and throughout the video, the hit maker appreciates his home town Tema. In the video, he talks of loyalty, something that is really lacking among the youths. Kwesi is very determined to reach out to his fans and although his songs are still gaining more views, the beats and the rhythm of the song will make you dance to it just as you start listening.

New release: Kwesi Arthur my guy video

Kwesi is talented and a legend and this is very clear in his song. Kwesi shows confidence, style, and his fashion is also on point. The song has over 4000 likes and 33 dislikes on YouTube meaning it’s looking up on the positive side.

As much as this song is loved by many fans, there are several things that Kwesi intended to teach his fans from this song.So what is the song about and the lossons to the fans? Below are some of the things that really stand out from this song that will make you become a new fan of Kwesi’s;


Kwesi Arthur really appreciates his hometown and people he grew up with. The song My Guy is about his hometown and how he shared the good and the bad moments with the people that he loves. Kwesi goes ahead to appreciate his streets and more so the food because there is a time when he enjoys some food with his friends. He accepts that he started from the bottom and now he has gotten where he is because his hood contributed to it.


Throughout the song, Kwesi is surrounded with guys, who he considers his friends. In life, we all need someone to get up there. No man is an island and Kwesi understands this very well. Kwesi goes ahead and says how thankful he is because when he has his friends he seems to be happy. This is a very good lesson that we can learn from him and this song surely sends a clear message on that.


Throughout the song, Kwesi is very happy to be home and have friends around him. Kwesi first of all loves what he does and that is very evident in this song. He seeks to have maximum fun and he shows it. The song is about his story and the end justifies the means. Even after all the struggles that he has faced since childhood and also during his career, he has emerged victorious and this song is for that person who has hustled and is making it. Kwesi sends a message of success that we can emulate.


On My Guy video, Kwesi goes ahead to appreciate all the people that have contributed to his success. Many are times when we make it and we forget where we came from and people who helped us get there. Without the support and the love from the most important people making it is almost impossible. However Kwesi is very grateful and happy that all those people stood by him. During the video, Kwesi is in a recording studio and deep down he knows that if it was not for the support, surely he would not have made it. We can learn from My Guy song by starting to appreciate the people who matter to us and also those around us.


This song is all about a reunion with his friends and Kwesi is really optimistic throughout the song. Sometimes we are so caught up with our jobs and many other things that we forget to meet up with our loved ones and share some time with them. In this song Kwesi is very happy to be with his friends and also they are happy too. Showing up and simply being there for your friends and family really matters. Throughout the song Kwesi is living the time of his life, knowing that he made it because of them and that he owes them one. Kwesi Arthur My Guy official video is one to look out for and you will not be disappointed.
Watch more of Kwesi Arthur’s songs on YouTube by simply subscribing to his channel. When you do so you shall get updates on every song he releases and that way you can be in a better position to enjoy the beats and also the strong messages that are shown on his songs. You can also download all his songs from YouTube and watch offline or you can download a music application and download the Kwesi Arthur my guy audio as MP3. Kwesi Arthur is truly a hip-hop legend. Fans are wondering if he will rise to recognition like Sarkodie but everyone has his own style and fans receive the artists individually. Based on the messages and beats of his songs, no one should miss listening to his good music.



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