Shatta Wale would be dead by now if he were in Jamaica – Stonebwoy

Shatta Wale would be dead by now if he were in Jamaica – Stonebwoy 

In an interview, Stonebwoy has said Shatta Wale would be dead by now if he were in Jamaica - He said Wale has no morals, and his attitude would definitely get him killed in that country It seems the long-standing feud between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy has been revived, and this fight might not die off soon. The two musicians have often been at each other’s throat with accusations, allegations, and attacks, to determine who deserves the title ‘Dancehall king of Ghana.’ In an interview Stonebwoy granted on Hitz FM, the ‘Bawasaba’ singer said among many things that Shatta Wale would have been dead by now if he were in Jamaica.

According to him, Wale claims to be a Dancehall musician, but he is not seen as such by the people of Jamaica who invented that genre of music. He indicated that Shatta Wale’s style of doing music, coupled with his many controversies and attack on other musicians would have ended his life if he were in Jamaica. Stonebwoy revealed in the interview monitored by that Shatta Wale has the habit of attacking people unnecessarily, then later go to beg them behind closed doors, but this is uncalled for, stressing that this is intolerable in Jamaica.

Among other warnings, Stonebwoy said Shatta Wale should stop spreading false rumours about him, especially that he killed his mother. An obviously angry Stonebwoy called Shatta Wale a “bomboclat,” daring him to come face him man to man, and he would teach him a lesson. This is just one of the many incessant attacks Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale have subjected each other to over the past years. Stonebwoy had claimed in an earlier report by that he is lyrically and musically better than Shatta Wale. 

But Wale, who calls himself Ghana Dancehall King took offence to that statement from Stonebwoy, threatening to murder him lyrically and musically. Meanwhile, many people have concluded that Shatta Wale is many times better than Stonebwoy, as contained in an earlier report by Another report was also published about how some Ghanaians have said Shatta Wale still rules over Stonebwoy as Dancehall king. Their fans have not been left out in their fights as they attack each other on social media. 



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