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I am Better Than Alkaline After Dancehall Fan Makes Comparison- RYGIN KING

I am Better Than Alkaline After Dancehall Fan Makes Comparison- RYGIN KING


RYGIN KING apparently believes that he is a better artist than Alkaline
Earlier this week, the “Tuff” entertainer went on Instagram Live to chat with his fans, when someone compared him to the vendetta deejay.

The Rygin King immediately asserted that Alkaline is “not in his league.”

“Them boy nuh inna we league mama,” he stated.
“Woman yo don’t see a VVS on my neck, drip drip tell me a tell you that. Yes them not in we league just believe me,” he added. Rygin King 
This comes after Rygin King was recently accused of dissing " Badness It Name" deejay in his latest single " Legacy" produced by Lee Miller.

Dancehall insiders claim St, James-based artist took a jab at Alkaline with a particular line in the song.
“The boy them go round me naan get a next time inno / Out here a do me own thing and me no pick side,” he sings.
Music fans claim the lyric in question seems to throw shade at Alkaline’s “Pick Unnu Side” single, which was produced by Chimney Records.

however, sources close to Rygin King told Hype Life Mazazine that : the line from artist's song has nothing to do with Alkaline and there is no feud between the two.
The recording artist, whose given name is Matthew Smith, has been racking up hit after hit in recent times. His songs, “Things Go Change” and “How Me Grow” and “Tuff,” have been creating a buzz on the local scene.