Lack Of Appreciation Is killing Africans -Dolar Yves

 Lack Of Appreciation Is killing Africans -Dolar Yves

Congolese Musician Dolar Yves has made some comment on how most Africans are not getting to their destination.
One Thing That Weak Africans, Is Lack Of Appreciation-Dolar Yves
Africa as the second largest continent in the world with so many resources is classified as a poor Continent in the world not because they don't have anything in their possession, but is because they don't appreciate what they have.
 This has also affect the entertainment industry in a very bad way such that most musicians or footballers nowadays don't think about the future of Entertainment industry in Africa, they only fight for what they want and after getting it they try to destroy the industry forgetting the new generation also has talented singers, Rapper and others among them.
Dolar yves

One Thing That Weak Africans, Is Lack Of Appreciation-Dolar Yves

He added that, there are a lot of talented people outside there who needs help to improve their career but the older ones are not helping them to do so. They also sit on Radio or Television station and brag about their money and cars they own.

He appealed to his other top musicians to help support the young musicians and not only those in music but anything that concern about entertainment so they can together push Africain its Largest Position in the world. let appreciate what we do in our own continent AFRICAN, added