Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale has Made Us Forget About Politics - Ghanaian Youths

Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale has Made Us Forget About Politics - Ghanaian Youths

For centuries now youths in politics in Ghana and Africa has become the instrument in war, since politics is concern in the development of very independent country, Most politician across the world get more vote or support from glass-root or the youths to gain power.

After promising the youths with better employment or better life, they refuse to go by their promises and later put the youth into pains.

Most of youth in Ghana for times now  follow politics in order to get better life and good job for that reason they give their support to the various political parties in order to get profit from their effort.
since polities in Ghana and Africa has become full of lies, the youths has also pave their way from politics. 

though most of them vote during election time, it wasn't like how it was at the past, according to them music has taking their attentions from politics and they has no interest in politic even though musicians in Ghana don't feed them, but they prefer following them rather than the politics.  

Since music is part of the world, most of musicians encourage the youths in many ways, some support the talented ones and some also give to the orphanage, the development of our country depend on our politician but since they are not doing anything about it for us to get better life,  we have also stop using our time and energy supporting them. 




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