Artificial Made Woman Has Been Jail For 14 Months For Scamming

Artificial Made Woman Has Been Jail For 14 Months For Scamming

 Twenty-three years old man has been jail for 14 months  imprisonment for pretending to be a woman for some while. According report by Ghmorningnews, The man who is known as Wisdom. He was well known on Facebook as Danado Lizzy, Wisdom has said in succeeded in scamming people with beautiful woman looks, 

wisdom who was jail in Winneba Prison was interview earlier today confuses his true identity and how far he has come with his magic tricks to deceived people and collect money and other resources to put a building and and other properties. He added

"I have succeeded in duping many men in Europe of thousand of dollars, building for himself a house and some stores. Anytime any of my victims decide to come to Ghana to formally propose marriage to me, i comes up with many excuses and succeeds in picking up quarrels with them just to drive them away from me."

Wisdom escape from taxi driver who thought she was a beautiful lady and tried to rape her realized this 'lady' was a man. The driver alerted a passing Police Patrol Team who arrested him. 

Now the question is?
Should the Taxi driver also be jail or Not.

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