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Golden Movie Awards Africa 2018 Coming 2 June.

Golden Movie Awards Africa 2018 Coming 2 June.

JHS1 student allegedly writes love letter to his teacher

JHS1 student allegedly writes love letter to his teacher 

- According to the letter shared on Facebook by the teacher, the young boy is so much in love her and urged her to forget their age difference - The teacher is Chioma is a single teacher who resides in Nnewi, in Nigeria's Anambra 

The teacher identified as Chioma Udechukwu Jane made her friends and followers have a good laugh when she shared the love letter she got from her young admirer. Chioma who teaches at a secondary school in Nnewi, Anambra, closed for the day and was clearing her desk when she found the boldly written letter in which the student expressed his love for her and how beautiful he finds her. 

The surprised teacher shared the letter on social media making her friends and followers have a good laugh over how bold her student is. 

The letter read: "Aunty Chioma, 

These might sounds strange to you but I mean every word from the first time I saw you in school, it was if my brain cell stopped working. Each time…

Meet the beautiful wife, child of Zylofon Media boss.

Meet the beautiful wife, child of Zylofon Media boss.

He is arguably one of if not, the most talked about men in Ghana currently. He took the Ghanaian entertainment landscape by storm last year and within a year, Nana Appiah Mensah has injected a lot of cash in the showbiz industry. Just recently, he signed dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale. It is rumoured that Mr Mensah splashed a whopping $1.5 million, a Rolls Royce and house on the Shatta Wale deal. Check below for photos of the family of the man who owns several other businesses including Menzgold Ghana. His wife, according to reports, owns a fashion shop, Rozy’s Collections, in Accra.

My pastor prophesied that my calling is to do secular music – Akwaboah Jnr

My pastor prophesied that my calling is to do secular music – Akwaboah Jnr

Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr., better known as Akwaboah Jnr, has revealed that his pastor urged him on to venture into secular music. According to him, his pastor actually prophesied that his calling is to do secular music. Recently, singer Kurl Songx raised concerns about how he has been criticised by the church because of the type of music - secular - he has chosen to do. Akwaboah Jnr, who recently released ‘Matters of the Heart’, a 12-track album, told Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that even though he had recorded both a gospel and secular albums, he was caught in a dilemma about the kind of music he should do as a musician. Akwaboah Jnr, however, noted that his pastor helped him with choosing one. “…the thing is that my pastor believes in everyone’s destiny; we all can’t be pastors; we all can’t be bankers. Initially, I wanted to do gospel songs so I did a gospel album but I also recorded a secular alb…



Dickson Kwame Nyaame popularly knows Zamani recently  make a comment about Ghanaian biggest Dance hell Artist  that He uses Blood money,
In his latest post he Said  


He was asked why he choose Stonbwoy while there is a lot of Dance hell artist in the Country and world. 
His Reply " Stonebwoy Has good repetition and he is recognized in the music world as One Biggest Artist and he have won many international awards and local awards and he is still winning . He continue that His songs are more inspiration, 

He said "When I listened to Stonebwoy's songs i feel like i am the One, He pray he will collaborate him one day. 

Delay betrayed me to promote her show - Kurl Songx

Delay betrayed me to promote her show - Kurl Songx

Highlife artiste Kurl Songx says he felt betrayed after TV personality Delay aired an interview of him claiming he has a lot of women at his disposal that he sleeps with whenever he chooses. The ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ hitmaker granted an interview on the Delay show in January in which he revealed that, though, he did not have a girlfriend; he had a lot of women who satisfy him sexually. But in an interview with Doreen Avio on ‘Let’s Talk Showbiz’ on JoyNews, Kurl Songx said even though he made those comments, he asked Delay not to air that part of the interview which she agreed to.
He said, “After the interview, I told her that, please I felt I didn’t speak well here, so I’m pleading can you edit it out, I will appreciate it.” The musician said he, however, felt betrayed when that part was aired. According to him, Delay betrayed him to promote her show. “I felt really betrayed because I kept on repeating over and over again but it was because s…

Stonebwoy’s Sister Send Message To Willie Roi’s.

Stonebwoy’s Sister  Send Message To Willie Roi’s.

The Stonebwoy-Zylofon Media fracas took a different dimension when one of the management members of the media conglomerate, Willi Roi took to social media to aim plain insults at Stonebwoy. The issue generated much buzz on social media with several fans of the Bhim Nation president and other observers expressing disgust at the Willi’s behaviour. Although the PRO of Zylofon Media, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo issued a disclaimer and apologized profusely to Stonebwoy, the issue couldn’t be squashed as the latter demanded that Willi Roi himself should have personally apologized to him and the entire Ewe tribe.

In a new development, Stonebwoy’s sister, Sarah Satekla has taken the ‘fight’ upon herself by posting a cryptic message on her social media account wrapped in insult for ‘old man’ Willi Roi. Post below

Nigerian Man Dies After His Brother Killed A Lizard In the Middle Of The Night

Nigerian Man Dies After His Brother Killed A Lizard In the Middle Of The Night
A Nigerian pastor, Rabbai Ephraim Ononye has taken to Facebook where he shared a story of how a man’s brother died after he killed a lizard in the middle of the night. According to pastor, the man suffered witchcraft attack for long before attending his church leading to the incident. Below is what he wrote. “I KILLED THE. LIZARD. AND. MY OWN. BROTHER. DIED. INSTANTLY’ This man has suffered witchcraft attack for so many many years but one day, he attended prayers at Power House Assembly Onitsha Obosi branch from Imo state. He was given a prayer assignment during prophetic ministration. After his midnight assignment, he laid on his bed and was about sleeping when this lizard appeared on the headside of his bed.
He got up and hit the lizard on it’s head with a tick and the lizard died. Instantly, his brother started shouting from his own house, My head, my head” and died just like the lizard. Is he responsible for his…


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