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Education in the zongo community is very low said the Hon. Minister for the Ayawaso -North Constituency.

The Minister of the Ayawaso - North  Hon. Yussif Jahaja said in his speech today at the launch of a new kids educative program which was held at the Kanda community  library said that; the level of education in the zongo community is very low  and that the able teachers within the community should put in their best in order to enhance upon the level of education in the community.

The Minister was present at the launch which was organised by the Multimedia (ICONS MULTIMEDIA) in collaboration with other stake holders to bring up a kids educative program that is going to serve the interest of the young ones and the entire community at large.

In his speech he arrived at a point that today not even anyone can boast of his own mentor from his community.All that we do think of when we are asked to mention some people who serve as our role model are the popular people we know in the world …


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