Forgive Rev. Owusu Bempah- Chief Imam Asked

Forgive Rev. Owusu Bempah- Chief Imam Asked

The Chief Imam of Ghana Muslim has asked his angry youth to forgive the Reverend Pastor who made a death prophecy about him.
The Death prophecy that was announced against the Imam made the youth of Islamic religion all over the Country got angry for the fake prophecy of our Ghanaian Pastors.

“we are living in peace with fellow Christians and other religion so lets maintain that relationship. Leave him with his character and forgive him. He said, as for death every soul shall taste it either today or tomorrow so no need to attack the man. “we should not do anything to divide us as a nation”

In the days of the our forefathers, Prophecy is when only reveal to the victim personal if there is a need to prevent it both the victim and the Prophet pray against it. Now here in our time Most prophets prophecies to get famous and other worldly favor from mankind.

In Ghana every religion lives in peace and no one hunt each other for not worshiping with them or otherwise. But this prophetic issues is bringing a division among our various religion in the country, this lead the Imam of Ghana Muslims Dr. Sheikh Osman Nuhu Shrabutu appeal to his religion to forgive the prophet and maintain the peace and harmony in the country.



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