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So Ghana It’s Only The Famous People God Always Reveal Their Death To Prophets – Zamani

So Ghana It’s Only The Famous People God Always Reveal Their Death To Prophets – Zamani

Ghanaian young dancehall artist known by his stage name as zamani in recent trending news all over the country about the prophetic messages from Ghanaian pastors towards the famous people in the country.

The young artist made this comment about the recent prophetic message from the Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah the Founder Of Glorious Word Power Ministries. According to the Message almost all the famous personalities in the country will die this year 2019.

I don’t know why God always reveal the death of famous people leaving those who are not famous or are they not humans that will taste death or they are not part of the country” said Zamani.

Below are the prophecies made about this new year by Reverend Owusu Bempah;

1. His first prophecies had to do with the death of a former president. According to his descriptions, the former president in question “is very tall, dark and has big eyeballs...some people call him gentle Jack, others call him J.A and belongs to the ruling party”.

2. He also revealed that a former first lady who was on the death list is directly related to the former president. “In 2019, the spirit of death is welcoming them, but these deaths can be averted with prayer because they haven’t been confirmed in the spiritual realm”, he said.

3. He again prophesied that national Islamic funeral beckons for which the Vice President to the sitting President would be buried and admonished Muslims to pray for the National Chief Imam. "I admonish Muslims to pray for their Chief Imam

4. Directly prophesying to the NDC, he said, “In the vision, I saw some members of the NDC plotting against their leader, Mahama, they subsequently shot him with an arrow and all I could hear was that Mahama had died, this can be averted with prayer”.

5. In relation to the aforementioned political party, he also revealed that another prominent member will be struck with a disease.

6. He also prophesied that God had linked the longevity of Nana Addo’s life with the construction of the National Cathedral, thus a successful completion of the cathedral would mean a long life for the President.

7. The man of God emphatically added that a prominent chief would lose his life this year, and to this, he said, “Listen to me, there are Kings and there are Kings. A paramount chief will kick the bucket. Do not despise this prophecy too, this prophecy is dangerous and when it happens, everyone will remember today.”

8. Not only were his prophecies related to the political world but the corporate world as well, he revealed that Peace FM, a subsidiary of the Despite group of companies would experience indiscriminate deaths due to some spiritual forces against them. He, therefore, asked Ghanaians to remember the group and its founder in prayers.

Rev Owusu Bempah also had some prophecies which transcend the borders of Ghana;

9. Nigeria was about to lose one of its prominent men.

10. Liberia “is also about to bury a very prominent and mighty personality if nothing is done to avert it”.

11. In Cote d’Ivoire, "I saw a prominent personality being laid in state, and the whole country was thrown into a state of mourning."

“I see these countries being thrown into a state of mourning because they are about to bury some of their prominent men…”

12. “And a great war beckons the world…descending upon the face of the earth like a package in a sack.”

13. He concluded his 5th realm prophecies saying that “a very prominent man of God we all look up to in Ghana may lose his life also in the country”.

14. The only good news in the 5th realm prophecies, he added that 2019 will be a prosperous one for Ghanaians.

In his words, “Many people in Ghana are going to laugh. We will see development and progress…Many Ghanaians will laugh as a result of massive development which may lead many others into prison.”

According to the prophet, the 7th realm prophecies are bound to happen regardless of what Ghanaians would do and these include that fact that;

15. The good tales the country would tell is dependent of the life of a tree, he said, “if this particular tree is uprooted, some good news would not come to pass and the following wouldn’t come to pass either”.

16. NPP will win the 2020 elections with a massive gap, bigger than the previous election’s result he also emphasized that he is the only prophet who has seen beyond the 7th realm, the reason why he knows the winner of the upcoming 2020 elections.

17. He also noted that some prominent people are planning to poison President Nana Akufo-Addo, he admonished the president to be weary of who he chooses to be around him.

18. In his last words, Owusu Bempah prophesied that an angel had descended upon Ghana and he brings forth good tidings for the people of Ghana, thus success awaits diligent, perseverant and hardworking people.


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