95% Of Celebrities In Ghana Has No Talents Said By Zamani

95% Of Celebrities In Ghana Has No Talents Said By Zamani
95% of Celebrities in Ghana Has No Talents -Zamani Gh

Sowutuom based dancehall artist Zamani has put blame on Ghanaian for promoting people with no talent in both the music and Movie industry in the country.
Zamani who is well known to as young dancehall artist said, he is not happy with how some media companies in the industry promote some people to become stars and famous with no reason, He added by mentioning few names of people who do not have talent but are well known to be celebrities leaving the young talented people on street who are doing their best recording good music’s with good vibes.

Zamani in his speech mentioned of Ghana Tupac popularly known as SUPA who was hype with no reason, He became famous without any talent, He was endorse by Most media houses, Moesha also became stars with her big buttocks, nobody knows what she does. He also mentioned Rosemond Brown who is also known in the entertainment industry as a celebrity.

“The industry contain young talented artists who are trying their best, let help push them up than given attention to people who do not have anything to add to our entertainment industry. 

We are good in promoting people who do not have any talent why can’t we promote the young talented people to come out.” He added.
According to the research conducted, Nigeria music industry promote almost 10% of young artists every year with the help of other artists. There are a lot of people who are well known in the entertainment industry with no talent, you will never know what they do. He Said.



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