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Nigerian Musicians Are Doing Better Than Ghana Musicians, Here Are the Reasons

Nigerian Musicians Are Doing Better Than Ghana Musicians, Here Are the Reasons

Nigerian Musicians Are Doing Better Than Ghana Musicians, Here Are the Reasons

Ghana Music for some times back was known worldwide due to the content and hard work of the various artists in the Industry, Even though there is no competition among the two industry but there is a gap between the two industries in terms of how far their work goes worldwide.

Nigeria music promote new artists very seconds, and almost all their music crosses borders  due to their way of doing music their language bearer, Most Nigeria artists are been nominated in various music awards in the world, The fact that Nigerians musicians  are doing better than Ghana musicians does not mean Ghanaian Musicians are not doing anything.

There are some qualities and reasons why Nigerians Musicians are going worldwide than Ghana Musicians. 

There are top musicians in Ghana such as; Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Sakordie, Becca, Samini and some few artists who are known worldwide.

 In every year, Nigerian Music Industry produces new young artists while Ghana music industry maintain the old artists they have in the country.

Nigeria artists even though they fight among each other but the love for  the business is there, they help promote each other’s work to the world but in Ghana Music industry, there is nothing like love. 

There is always a fight in the industry, they do not support the young artists in the industry, they only care for themselves forgetting they are growing old and very soon they will stop doing music and their music will fade away from the industry.

While Nigeria musics is being played in most FM or TV stations outside Africa, Ghana Music always circulate in the country for some weeks and later fade out. Ghana Music is not being recognized in the world again, it only few music from some top artists that is been recognize in outside the country.


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